An Ode to the Annoying People I have Encountered while Traveling

BoredPanda just recently came out with an article that I could totally relate to. I am sure I am not alone in hating these type of people when traveling. I’ve encountered a couple of these examples and…thunder and lightning! I really can’t believe the lack of manners and the nerve some people have!

So, here’s my list of annoying people I have encountered while traveling. See if you have come across the same species (or worse) of these:

Booming Music and Video Maniacs

The cell phone makers decided to equip man with “smart”phones with speakers. That did it. We suffer the consequences to this date. If you want to listen to music, do it. If you want to watch videos, do that. But please don’t make us – people unwittingly stuck with you at the airport/plane – listen to your audio. Have you heard of something called headphones?

Impatient and Rude

If you see a big line to see an attraction or to get to the ticketing counter, know that we are all there from a long time – all of us waiting patiently. Please respect that fact and show some patience as well. Those who don’t want to wait until it’s their turn and want to push their way up to the front, they DO need to read up the handbook of polite travelers a little more carefully.

That Incomprehensible Need to be the First One Out of the Plane

This is a trait I have seen – not one – but many people to possess. While the plane is still taxiing toward the gate, why do so many have to jump up and start pulling out bags from their overhead compartments? Why do they then have to start running up the aisle and crowding the space for everyone? Was there a board around your neck that said “VIP: Needs to get down first as it’s a life and death situation?” No, right? So please, sit down and wait until the seat belt sign is off. It’s another matter if you have a connecting flight that you worry you might miss. Then, you do have the right to rush. But otherwise? Hang around with us a little more before you try and make that exit.

That lady that throws her hair back over the seat

The women who flick their hair over the back of their chair? (Also mentioned in the article I shared above) Oh that thing happens all the time. It’s unbelievably entitled. It’s a shame when that hair gets caught in the tray when you open then close it. Whoops! 😉 And THAT is why I ALWAYS wipe the tray table.

Those that smoke a whole pack before getting on the plane
Just recently flew home on an 11-hour flight sitting next to a guy who smelled like he had bathed in an ashtray. It was a full flight, so there was no other seat the flight attendant could move me to. They even felt bad for me. It was awful!!!!! I almost threw up.

I was already in an upgraded seat but the flight attendant even said it was so nasty if she had an empty space in business she would’ve moved me there! I sprayed perfume all over my sweatshirt and blanket and just kept it over my nose the entire flight – well that and I took a strong sleeping pill!!!

These are just a few of those “not so ideal” travelers I’ve come across. I am sure I’ll come across a lot many of these soon – so this article will keep getting updated. So till then, be good guys!

Safe travels!

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