Cheering for the Kiwis and Rooting for the Rest of the World

This week, I came across a paper in the New England Journal of Science about the Successful Elimination of COVID-19 in New Zealand. It talks about how science and government went hand in hand in uprooting COVID-19 from New Zealand. Interventions at various levels have also been credited.

Makes anyone think: boy, wish I was a New Zealander! I mean, there are sports events happening as we speak with packed attendance and everyone is enjoying life without social distancing and masks. Yeah, how life used to before this for all of us around the world. 

What about the rest of the world? It is in stark contrast to this, isn’t it? The number of cases rising in the US on a daily basis is surely alarming. Some parts of Australia are getting shut down to control the pandemic even today. Yes, New Zealand has every right to feel lucky. It earned it.

I just learned that the NSW of Australia plans to go into full lockdown pretty soon. Probably within the next two weeks. If we rewind back by a month, we would see how Australia was doing really well with cases well under control. But why the sharp rise in cases again? I am guessing the government didn’t act quickly enough. Is it?

In VIC, Australia, they are already in a full stage four lockdown. Eeks! This means that they cannot go to work, cannot step out for that vacation, cannot head out for a beer or a glass of wine at night, cannot venture out beyond 5 kms from their homes, night curfews, and walk time restricted to an hour per day. Who would have thought life could transform so suddenly around the world?!

For the sake of all of us…I sincerely hope a vaccine comes out at the earliest and life becomes as surreal as it is right now in New Zealand.

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