Manifest while you sleep: This is one method EVERYONE can find time to do

Set the ball of manifestation rolling

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, I am obsessed. I like to keep working on it every breathing minute of my life.

Yes, there are those numerous rituals that you could follow to set the ball of manifestation rolling – and this could take a longer time to complete. But I am, personally, a fan of those easy to follow manifestation techniques and cannot get enough of them!

When your body is at rest, your mind stays powerful

While you are asleep, the corporeal part of you is enjoying some rest. But what about your mind? It’s completely guilty of being fully active at all times – even while you sleep. And while your body is making the most of your rest time, the conscious part of your mind goes to rest as well. It is this part of your mind that takes it easy while your body is resting. But the one part of the mind that always stays active (as mentioned above) is the subconscious. It is the subconscious that is associated with that expanded spiritual entity that serves as the real creative part of you.

photo-of-woman-posing-during-golden-hour-3326362Among the greatest challenges that present themselves to those trying to manifest is the difficulty involved in petering out the noise in the mind in order to access that deeper part of your mind where transformation is actually in progress. If you are someone who finds it difficult to calm your mind during meditation or has panic attacks during anxiety, make the most of your sleep time to manifest everything that your heart desires.

The Manifestation Technique of Neville Goddard

Neville Lancelot Goddard, described by Wikipedia as “a prophet, profoundly influential teacher, and author, has outlined a wonderful manifestation technique that works its magic even as you sleep. Let’s see the steps of this technique:

The First Step:

What is it that you want to manifest? Visualize it. Feel it. You need to need it earnestly, and not just because everyone has it. Let your imagination work well as you visualize. Also define a unit. How much of what you desire do you need? What measure of it are you looking for? Word of warning: Vague ideas do not work in this technique.

The Second Step:


Now, you need to imagine that what you wished for has come true in real life. How do you react? Whom do you approach to share your happiness? Do you jump for joy? Do you run to a friend? Do you call up mom/dad? Visualize this with all your heart in the exercise. If it’s a promotion you wished for, imagine that you have the papers in your hand and you’re taking the elevator to your friend at work and sharing the good news and hugging her/him in joy. Imagine that you are taking your friend out for a treat to celebrate the occasion. Make the visualization stick.

The Third Step:

Now, you are ready to move on to the step where you can actually experience the emotions that accompany the fulfillment of your wish. This just adds to making the whole thing a little more real—that’s the key to manifestation after all!

Let me go back to the promotion example to explain what I mean by experiencing the emotions here. So, when you take your friends out for a treat, what is the weather like? Is it sunny? Are you wearing your shades? Do you run to your car and get in? Do you have the windows rolled down? Does the breeze caress your face as your drive? How do you feel when you park in front of the restaurant or café? Do you see the place to be empty or crowded? Feel how you have a spring in your step as you go up with your friends to the roof of the restaurant/café to have your food or snacks or drinks. You know the drill now. Keep the momentum of your thoughts and feelings going!

The Fourth Step:


For this most important of steps, you need to have a very relaxed mind. You could achieve this by sitting in meditation or even when you let your guards down when in bed and ready to sleep. Now, all you need to do is play all those scenes you created in your mind earlier from start to finish, complete with all the emotions and feelings you felt with them. Done the first time? Repeat. Keep the repetitions going until you fully feel with all your heart that your wish has finally manifested!

Let your mind drift off to sleep with these thoughts. And remember to keep practicing these steps every night until one day the dream is actually a reality!