Nigeria. And Some Great Songs from the African Nation

Nigeria has been in the news recently. Firstly, because it banned Twitter on its land and shifted to its Indian alternative – Koo, and secondly because it has been reported that it could become the most populated country in the world by the end of the century. Both these news pieces intrigued me. I am sure there’s something unique about this land. What do you think it is like to live there? I got around to researching around about their pop culture and got straight down to what matters the most – music. These are links to some of the Nigerian songs I am hooked onto these days. I am sure they’ll get your foot tapping too:

Fav 1: Afro B – Drogba (Joanna)

Fav 2: Pheno Ambro – mon bb

I came across some really cool artists I’d like to mention here just in case you want to explore further:

  • DaVido
  • Fela Kuti
  • William Onyeabor (Fantastic Man)

Also featuring in my list of favorites is Machel Montano. If you want to go the way of modern music, don’t miss out on Olamide.

Do you have more recommendations of this kind? If yes, please drop them in the comments section. Thank you so much in advance if you decide on recommend some really cool stuff.

Let’s keep the love for music going!