Those Extra-Special Ads

Hello World!

I dedicate my first blog to ads. Not the normal ones. The “special” ones – if you know what I am talking about. When it comes to these “special” (aka retarded) commercials, the Idea Cellular ads pop into my mind. I mean, I agree you had a good few ads at the start, but now? They shall I put it….candidates for a wannabe award.

Let’s shift focus to the vest and briefs ads. There’s no way you could have missed those. “Don hain –  tho on hain!” “Fit hain boss.” Oh, and my current favorite? Sallu Khan’s Dollar Club vest. I mean, wow! I like how the ad was made. Who else could have imagined the Chinese folk flaunting a Dollar Club vest? Not me!

If you have witnessed ad murder happening with the Bingo Mad Angles ads you know how killer ads are made (literally). How can I, a mere writer, top that tagline? The tagline is….(Wait for it)..”Toing!!” Mindblowing, isn’t it?

Fair and Lovely: “How come you’re so fair?” “I use Fair and Lovely and….Fair and Lovely!!” Now, if a guy falls for this ad, he is considered a fool. ‘Cuz how can he ever use a fairness cream that’s meant for the delicate skin of girls?? HE should use Fair and Lovely MEN: “Mardo wala cream” – The cream for men! Talk about forcibly creating need in the market and putting thoughts into people’s heads.

And the grand finale!! Axe Deospray!! These ads that claim to make the girls go crazy – makes the men go crazy. Advertising objective achieved. I actually have colleagues who crib that they tried to stand in the middle of the road after spraying Axe on them, but there was absolutely no effect on the girls. The point that these guys miss is this: The ads always show that you need to spray on the full can of deo for the required effect – The Axe Effect! Ha! Take the hint, guys.