Simple affirmations to unblock your Root Chakra

If you are into chakras or are exploring more information about them, you would probably already know that Root chakra is the first one we focus on as a practice. Different chakras are connected to different energy points and this chakra is connected with life energy. Why it becomes important to balance this chakra is the fact that it helps us feel secure and grounded. But what blocks this chakra in the first place? Worry, anxiety, and stress.  Don’t we all have an abundance of those in our lives?

How can you tell if your root chakra is blocked?

  • You have fear of under performing or of failing.
  • You face a constant struggle with your finances.
  • If you grew up in a house with narcissistic parents, you probably faced some amount of abuse and you face low self-esteem issues. This means your root chakra could be blocked too.
  • You have a constant greed for more – nothing is ever enough.
  • You have a restless mind that prevents you from taking the right decisions.
  • You feel a lack of perseverance and patience in everything you undertake.

Affirmations to Unblock Your Root Chakra

  1. I have everything I need in life, and I am always safe, secure, and taken care of.
  2. I am financially secure and have only positive things coming my way .
  3. The Universe always has my back and I will always be provided for
  4. My health is perfect and will always be.
  5. My higher self always brings me love and light, and I am always safe.

These are just the basics that I hope will go a long way to balance your root chakra. Wishing you peace and happiness all the way!!