Why’s there no money in those machines?

I recently came across an image on the internet of something called charity arcades.

Them machines

Did you see that too? Or have you already played on something like that?

Well, I am just writing this post since I have been wondering since I came across this photo on a web search. Are these things for real? Do you sense some kind of a scam there? Might they be trying to “play us?” Maybe they are grinning slyly and looking our way while we ponder over this question. 

So what happens after there is enough money in there? Do they ghost on us? Or will they actually eat up some coins for the sake of charity? 

But if they actually work, I recommend placing a couple of these at every airport. You know? If it’s actually going to charity, it might as well could make some good money! And of course, we hope they accept credit cards.

Oh, by the way, I do love Galaga. I wonder where this photo is from. If you happen to have a clue, do let me know! 

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