The myth called privacy

“Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher get divorced!” “Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise split!”


And why not spread the news? They are such colorful people!  So, true.

But just look at those couples. They look so happy and perfect together!


Agreed they are in the film biz but I am sure they wouldn’t be overjoyed about having news of their split splashed across the media. Imagine the pain of separation coupled with the humiliation when news spreads and the media barge in with shameless questions!

I agree we all love these said glossies, but maybe, just maybe, we should let them have their moments of privacy when they are with each other and more so when they split. They are humans too – with real feelings. Don’t they deserve this much at least?

2 thoughts on “The myth called privacy

  1. Agree with u completely.Give them space to lick their wounds! Show them compassion & understanding.

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