Just eat!

I have always been a health freak. “Oh, is this unhealthy?! I am not eating it!” “Oh, donuts cause cancer? I don’t want them!” (Note: I might make an exception with the latter one on particular occasions). But there was a phase in my life when I decided I wanted a flatter tummy and that, maybe, skipping a meal might do the trick.  Of course, the meal that got picked was breakfast—an easy choice considering the rush we all are in to reach work on time every morning. This was a bit tough on poor Mr. Tummy but hey, who asked him to get bigger than he was supposed to be in the first place?!

So that’s how started a month of skipping breakfast coupled with Yoga (like a Yoda). I am proud of the fact that I could still focus on work despite an empty stomach, but then the tummy size remained the same. And to add it to it, I developed pain in the lower left side of my abdomen. No, things weren’t looking good.

So then, the brainchild of skipping a meal was discarded. For good. Now, I am an advocate of regular exercise and a balanced meal. With this combo, I have actually lost more weight than before, and Mr. Tummy has gone back to being his old, lovable self once again. And now, I know the importance of having a good breakfast. Allow me to share some basic things I learnt from my own experiences (yes, experience IS a fantastic teacher!)

For all of you who love yourselves, it is safe to start falling in love with your breakfast (and those who don’t love yourselves, you better start loving yourselves first). This is one meal that actually helps to accelerate your metabolic rate—and if you love looking fit like me, I know you love to hear the word “metabolism” too. You actually allow your body to feel pampered and happy if you chomp down on a healthy breakfast. The meal’s a mood elevator, trust me on this one. So what should you ideally treat your body with in the form of a morning meal? Something that stimulates your body and provides you with enough energy to survive the day with a smile on your face (Yes, you will need a dose of positivity for the smile bit, but maybe that could be covered in another post). My favorite breakfast picks are brown-bread peanut butter sandwiches, breakfast muffins and muesli with milk or yogurt. Choose something that suits your palate—just ensure that it’s healthy. And don’t forget to fall in love with your breakfast!

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