Things to do in Queenstown- Take a Walk with Me!

When you plan for a relaxed, fun day ahead, what do plan for? I realize that the definition of fun would be different for all of us…. So, tell me this….When you think of Queenstown, New Zealand, what comes to mind? Let me guess… bungee jumping, sky diving, canyon swinging… Am I close? But me? I am a more peaceful, calm days full of fun and joy kind of a person. So what would a day in Queenstown look like for someone like me? Come along to find out!

Queenstown Gardens

We stumbled across this walking the lake path on our way into town to have breakfast. It is gorgeous! Beautiful place to have a picnic, take some photos, enjoy disc golf, a walk or bike ride by the lake! My favorite part of Queenstown!

Plenty of rubbish and recycling bins around. Loads of benches and places to perch and enjoy the view. Good for ultimate Frisbee, a jog or a relaxed walk.

Everyone is welcoming and friendly. Don’t forget your $2 to feed the friendly ducks – they know the drill! If you want to get out and see some of Queenstown, consider checking out this park. Huge sequoia trees, beautiful flowers including a nice rose garden, plenty of birdlife (take your binoculars, birders!) even a nice trail along the shoreline!

The Remarkable Sweet Shop

This is a very nice sweet shop, which has lots of variety. I love the chocolates they have in the front cabinet, especially the duck shaped ones. This is the place to go if you want unique sweets!

Whether you like lollies, nougat or fudge this old fashioned little sweet shop is worth having a look. It can be a little pricey but the selection is good and the staff is friendly.

We tried quite a few varieties: all sweets and candies were good in taste. After a big day of high adrenaline action, a visit to this sweet shop is a must. This place is often crowded and the fudge is really remarkable – I tried a few free samples and bought some back to hotel. Unfortunately none of it made it back home!

Southern Glacier Experience Helicopter Flight from Queenstown

The views were awesome and landing by the glacier a real highlight. The pilot was really friendly – informative and really enjoyed his job. This is an excellent way to enjoy the view of the area and get to unique locations.

This place makes for a beautiful day and beautiful views. The only downfall is that you are packed into the helicopter like sardines (at least seven, including the pilot. It means they only allow your camera to be taken with you—no water, no bags, or extras.

Mrs. Ferg’s Gelateria

Go here for some absolutely divine gelato and sorbet. I thought the best Hokey Pokey was in Mt. Maunganui (by the way, hokey pokey is a signature flavor of ice cream in New Zealand), but then I tried this gelato version in Queenstown. I had to go back three days in a row. Yum!

The blueberry yoghurt is smooth and silky as well. In fact, every flavor I tried had me on a gastronomic journey of delight. Very delicious!

There is a great selection of flavors and really friendly staff! Thanks for the great hospitality and beautiful smile! We loved our gelato, just wished there was somewhere to sit down after we got it.

Marine Parade

We were actually looking for a place where we could buy some fruits and bread and discovered this place by mistake.This is the Marine Parade. It includes well maintained lawns overlooking Queenstown Beach and Lake Wakatipu.

The Queenstown Fallen Soldiers Memorial marks the entrance to Marine Parade. A pathway runs through Marine Parade and into Queenstown Gardens.

Situated close to the entrance of Marine Parade is the waterfront area of Queenstown where jetboat, water taxi, scenic cruise and para-sailing companies all operate from,. So, it’s a great spot to relax and just watch the activities unfold on Lake Wakatipu.

And let’s call it a day – a successful happy day!

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