Mobility in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

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The competitive landscape is now more cutthroat than ever before. It takes two parts of mobility combined with one part of personalized experiences to reinvent the competitive landscape of today. It is no longer a point to be considered if mobility is absolutely crucial for a business. That is a given. What matters now is the pace at which unique mobility solutions can be executed. So, what is the impact of this mobility revolution on the Travel and Hospitality industry? Let’s have a look!

The Wave of Mobility that Hit the Travel and Hospitality Industry

The Travel and Hospitality industry has openly acknowledged that customer service is key to their business. When on trips, around 97% of all guests and travelers carry mobile devices with them. Travelers take mobile seriously when mapping the outline of their trips—from search and browsing through reviews to getting boarding passes on their mobile devices. The industry has been impacted and businesses are now lining up to get onboard the wave of mobility.

To go with the flow, what is currently required is for businesses to render themselves more customer-oriented by offering novel solutions, analyzing customer behavioral information, and utilizing the learnings to enhance business results. Mobility helps businesses of today stay sharp, be more forthcoming to customer requirements, and make a mark for themselves in the crowd.

More Mobility Equates to More Customer-Friendliness

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Realizing just this, companies in the Travel and Hospitality sector are ramping up their customer service by rapidly adopting many mobility solutions. At the fore of such solutions are Mobile check-in and boarding offerings that allow travelers to save on the time spent standing in lines by opting for mobile check-in and boarding.

Also popular in the market are Mobile Tourist information offerings that work to make the travel experience more exciting by providing accurate and customized information on the destination and its vicinity. Travelers also seem to be attracted to mobile airport lounge offerings that help them unwind, focus their energies on something productive, refresh themselves, or just escape from the pandemonium of airports.

To save travelers the worry of ferreting out information about airport lounges, such as their address, service times, convenience offered, together with valuable digital photographs, and feedback by others. Many companies have already started offering mobile airport guides that utilize technology to facilitate traversing across terminals for travelers.

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Many tour managers have often expressed that they need something to aid them while handling tours for travelers with contrasting viewpoints on the best way to travel. Mobile tour operator solutions serve as deputies to the tour operators to help them offer customized services to their customers.

Badly managed housekeeping has always proven to be bad news for Hospitality businesses. To prevent such mishaps, many of these companies have adopted mobile housekeeping solutions. These solutions enable straightforward and productive operations and more rapid interactions among departments. The mobile concierge solution helps Hospitality service providers delight guests and provide customized services, thereby boosting dependability and profit.

These are just some of the many mobility solutions out there that are faithfully serving the Travel and Hospitality companies around the world. These solutions are ensuring unwrinkled functioning, new profit inlets, and devoted customers. It won’t be surprising if there was an avalanche of such mobile solutions in the near future, bringing businesses and customers much closer to each other than ever before. Here’s to the level of convenience we can expect soon!


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