When do you think the cases actually started?

I came across yet another interesting research paper on COVID-19 today. This one talks about how more than 100,000 people were already infected with the dreaded virus by early March, a point in time when only 1,514 cases and 39 deaths had been officially reported. This research comes from the University of Notre Dame.

I am in no way smarter than the scientists who did this research, but my genuine question is how does this affect the total number of infections now? What’s the point?

Do you think we can stop the pandemic? Probably. If we had a government that cared enough? The prevalent attitude right now is, “Eh, it is what it is.”

It’s even scarier that many people are opposed to proper protective measures being taken – all because of their political leanings. This has handicapped many helpless citizens of many nations.

I know of a girl who was under the influence of some “new” virus in Dec 2019. All she was given as treatment was some kind of steroid. Not knowing that what she had was potentially serious, she powered through till April, and…ta-da! Her body now has generated the required antibodies. Does that offer some kind of solace to us? Or does it make us question our awareness about the pandemic? I guess time will tell what our response should be.