Hello there, stranger who stumbled across my blog…

It’s true, I don’t know you much. However, there is one thing I can tell you for sure: you’re just like each one of us—trying to make the best of each day in this not-too-easy game of life.

So I know you will now be asking me: Who in the world are you to make such assumptions? The truth is that I am just someone who has been fully into life – accepting all the highs and lows. And one thing I have come to learn is that all of us – no matter rich or poor – is fighting a tough battle. Our minds and hearts carry a lot of errors we have made in life, many hurts, so many missed opportunities we regret, and a bunch of disappointments that we have no idea how to effectively deal with.

But you know what? We all are the same in some basic way.  So let’s try and hang in there.

My wish for you as 2020 slowly winds down is a future that’s blessed with prosperity and happiness. Getting through the tough times (‘cuz hey, who can ever really avoid those?) will come to you naturally.